Know the Difference Between Our Trailer Brands

We know everyone’s needs are different, which is why we carry 7 brands of trailers. Which brand is best? It depends on what you need to haul. Here’s a breakdown of what each manufacturer specializes in.

Great Dane


How do you become one of the largest trailer manufacturers in America? By making the most popular trailer designs in multiple versions. The Everest series leads the reefer market by offering high thermal efficiency and antimicrobial coatings. The Champion series of dry freight trailers are available with steel or composite sides. They also make flatbed trailers out of steel, aluminum and a combination of both metals to balance strength and weight.



Stoughton is best known for their easy-to-repair Z-Plate trailers, but that’s just one of four options in their dry freight lineup. Need to move agricultural goods? The Platinum Series grain trailers are available in sizes from 900 to 1,550 bushels, while their Barrett Trailers division builds punch side and slat side trailers for transporting livestock. Stoughton also makes an intermodal chassis that can carry 53 foot Hi-Cube containers.

They recently entered the refrigerated trailer market with their Pureblue line. Their design requires fewer screw holes in the trailer walls, increasing thermal efficiency.

East Manufacturing


East’s focus is on maximizing cargo capacity with low weight designs. They’re best known for their dump trailers, with models covering every segment of the market. This includes refuse trailers and full frame, quarter frame and frameless dump trailers. For open cargo, East makes a range of flatbed and drop deck models.



This manufacturer builds specialty trailers for the agricultural and scrap market. They’re mostly known for steel and aluminum grain trailers, but they also make an algae-resistant liquid tender trailer that is user customizable to fit individual needs. They also make lightweight gondola scrap trailers that maximize cargo capacity, while their drop deck trailers are available with a range of axle and length options.

In 2016, Demco bought Circle-R, adding their side dump trailers to their lineup. These have a low center of gravity to prevent tipping while the tub is emptying.



It should be no surprise that a company named “Cornhusker 800” specialized in grain trailers. Their combination trailer can be used with the walls raised to haul grain or lowered to create a flat bed. Their other grain models include standard hoppers, aggregate hoppers, and the watertight Carbon Black trailer. They also make pup trailers for dirt and gravel.

Stephens Trailers


If you need to haul liquid or bulk goods, Stephens offers a tank trailer that fits your needs. Their models include vacuum, dry bulk, gasoline and crude oil trailers. They also make aluminum end dump trailers for dry goods.

XL Specialized


As the name implies, this manufacturer specializes in trailers for overweight, oversize equipment. Their models include gooseneck, step deck, flatbed and extendable trailers for everything from standard loads to earth movers and windmill parts.