Stephens Trailers


Since 1994 professional haulers have counted on Stephens to move their products across the United States and Canada. State-of-the-art engineering capabilities and acute attention to detail make Stephens tanks trailers the best value available.

Stephens fabricates a number of tank trailer models and styles for use in a wide variety of industries. Each one undergoes rigorous design and assembly assurances, resulting in the most reliable tank trailers on the road. Among the products Stephens puts into service are:

We fabricate standard size tanks and trailers suited for hauling most any product, but also custom design and manufacture just about any size or capacity you need. To ensure maximum quality performance, all Stephens semi-tank trailers are made from high-grade Aluminum.

In addition to answering all your questions and designing the tank trailer that meets your exact specifications, Stephens encourages customers to visit our facility to watch your tanker during the fabrication process. See for yourself as the quality goes into your tank trailer.

Contact Us to learn more about the Stephens commitment to quality, and how we put our expertise to work for you.

Dot 406 Trailers and Gasoline Trailers

Stephens manufacturers DOT 406 Gasoline trailers. The typical configuration is 9,200 gallons but Stephens will customize a gasoline trailer to fit your needs.

DOT 407 Crude Oil Trailers, Pull Trailers & Truck

Stephens manufactures aluminum DOT 407 crude oil trailers, pull trailers and truck tanks. The following are typical configurations: 8,400 gallon trailer, 9,500 gallon trailer, 10,500 gallon trailer, 4,200 gallon truck tanks and 5,040 pull trailers. If you need a different capacity Stephens will custom fabricate a tank to meet your needs.


Stephens manufacturers Ejecto Beds for road/pothole maintenance at the county and municipal level.


Stephens manufactures and sales aluminum dry bulk pneumatic tank trailers in the following configurations: 1000 cube, 1200 cube, 1350 cube, 1600 cube, 1800 cube, 2000 cube, 2400 cube, California Doubles and Michigan Doubles. If you need a different pneumatic trailer capacity Stephens will custom fabricate a dry bulk pneumatic tank trailer to meet your needs.


Stephens fabricates Type I outdoor magazines, Type II indoor and outdoor magazines, and Type III dayboxes.


Stephens manufacturers vacuum trailers for oil and gas field services, or sludge transport. Stephens will custom fabricate a tank to fit your needs.