Northwest Truck & Trailer Launches Our New Website

Northwest Truck & Trailer is proud to launch their new website, designed and developed by Buzznerd Trucks.

“Having met and discussed with Andy Robinson the exact needs of their new website, we were excited to get it built and incorporate some of our newer features” said Jerry Van Galder, Owner of Buzznerd Trucks. “Northwest Truck & Trailer has a wide amount of trailer inventory options and wanted to provide only the very best for Northwest Truck & Trailer”

Northwest Truck & Trailer, located in Fargo, ND near Moorhead, MN sells new and used Great Dane, XL Specialized, Demco, East Manufacturing Trailers and more. That, combined with their substantial used trailer inventory, required a streamlined and easy-to-use inventory front-end system for their customers.

Aside from meeting their inventory needs, updated Great Dane, XL Specialized, Demco, East Manufacturing, Cornhusker, Stoughton and Stephens Trailers product pages deliver additional value to the customer by providing them all the information they need to make an informed Trailer purchase.

Northwest Truck & Trailer is part of the Wallwork family of companies.