XL MGX: Mechanical Gooseneck Expandable

Heavy Haul Trailer

XL Mechanical Full-width Gooseneck

The rear deck of the XL MGX expands from 102 inches wide to 120 inches wide using two 8-inch air
cylinders. This is especially beneficial for drivers in the Western US, yet it also offers flexibility across the country. Eliminate an over-width return trip with the MGX.

Drive over rough terrain with confidence thanks to the walking beam
suspension, which also features greaseless bushings

Tail channel design protects the lights from damage

Beaver tail with traction aids at the rear, hook-on ramps available

Lightweight design for impressive payload capacity

Three king pin settings (16”, 26” & 36”) allow for three swing
clearance settings (104”, 94” & 84”) which satisfy the 40-foot kingpin
law and enable drivers to shift various amounts of weight to their truck

XL 90 MGX90,000 lb overall; 90,000 lb in 15′ concentrated